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Nigerian Police Arrest ‘Killers’ Of Presidential Villa Director Laetitia



How ‘Yahoo Boys’ Murdered Presidential Villa Director After Police ‘Betrayed’ Her

The Nigerian police have arrested alleged killers of Presidential Villa Director, Laetitia Naankang Dagan, an Assistant Director in Aso Rock, Nigeria’s Presidential Villa in Abuja, the nation’s capital, NewsOne Nigeria can report.

NewsOne Nigeria had reported earlier that Presidential Villa Director assassinated by unknown gunmen on Tuesday, February 18.

This online news platform understands that the Permanent Secretary, State House, Abuja, Jalal Arabi, made this known on Tuesday, February 18, saying that the 47-year-old Dagan from Plateau State, northern Nigeria worked in her office on Monday, February 17 till 8 pm, but by 11 pm, she was gruesomely murdered in her apartment by unknown persons.

The Permanent Secretary described the killing of Dagan, an Assistant Director of Administration in the State House, as “a painful loss, not only to her immediate family but also the entire State House.”

“She was a dedicated, hard-working officer, and we all feel pained by her dastardly and untimely death,” Arabi told her family members during a condolence visit.

On Wednesday, February 19, the Nigerian police said it made headway in their investigation, as two arrests have been made,

Sources familiar with the development said the police were able to make the arrests after her assassins forgot one of their phones in her apartment, after gruesomely murdering her.

“They left with Laetitia’s phones and left one of their own”, said an Aso Rock source, in the know of the police investigation, adding that the Police had used the abandoned phone to trace the suspects.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that late Laetitia was living in an apartment in Lokogoma in Abuja. According to sources, she had reported some bad guys dealing in drugs near her home to the police, leading to a police raid of the joint. It was believed that a blackleg in the police may have told the drug boys that Laetitia snitched on them.

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