APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole In Fresh Trouble
Adams Oshiomhole

Protesters on Thursday afternoon attacked each other at the National Secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria’s ruling party, in Abuja, the nation’s capital, over Adams Oshiomhole

NewsOne Nigeria reports that the protesters, who had also gathered to protest against Adams Oshiomhole, the APC National Chairman, on Thursday, turned on one another as they matched towards the APC secretariat.

Meanwhile, the timely intervention of officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) on Thursday, however, prevented what would have been a bloody clash between pro and anti-Oshiomhole protest groups at the national Secretariat of the ruling party.

While journalists and visitors who had parked their vehicles outside the premises made spirited efforts to leave the scene, security operatives attached to the secretariat had to call for reinforcement to arrest the situation, a report by Vanguard said.

Why Oshiomhole must be sacked…

Spokesman of the APC Members Coalition Movement, an Anti-Oshiomhole group, Umar Mohammed Musa said it was high time the party chairman was sacked.

“We are here to express our feelings, to show or tell the whole world that we are not happy with what is happening in our party. The leadership of this party is getting out of hands and that is why we are here to tell our leaders that Oshiomhole must go, Oshiomhole must leave.

“When you look at the situation of our party and what has happened at the last primaries in 2019 you will agree with me that we have no leader. Since Oshiomhole came on board there is no progress in the party, there is no any development, no achievement or tangible thing to show you that there is a good example of leadership in the party. So, that is why we say Oshiomhole must go.”

However, Deputy Youth Leader of the APC in the Federal Capital Territory FCT, Idris Umar Faruk, said those protesting against Oshiomhole are impostors. “I am an APC member and not just a member but I am an officer of the party in FCT. I am here to react to the protest that I don’t know why these persons who are not seen in any of the FCT politics to be the people protesting in the FCT.

“If they feel they are not happy with what they have been seeing in the party in their states, they should do it in their states. For us in the FCT, I think we are pleased with our party and the National Chairman of our party.

“If the party is not happy with the National Chairman of our party, some of us who are officers wouldn’t have come to the streets to react to that effect but these persons that came to the streets today to protest, I don’t think they are members of our party.”

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