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Classified Football Pools Fixtures: Week 45 Pool Result – AUSSIE 2020



Classified Football Pools Fixtures: Week 48 Pool Result – AUSSIE 2020

Classified football pools fixtures and week 45 pool result – AUSSIE 2020 have emerged.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that the pool fixtures are for forty-nine (49) football matches in Australia.

Below are the Classified Football Pools Fixtures & Latest Pools Panel Results, Week 45 pool result For The Week- AUSSIE 2020…

Classified Football Pools Fixtures & Results.

Week Number: 45 Season: Aussie 2020 Match Date: 16-May-2020

Classified Football Pools ResultsStatus
1Leichhardt(P)x(P)North ShoreHome
2Manly Utd.(P)x(P)Rockdale C.Away
3Sutherlands S(P)x(P)Marconi S.ScoreDraw
4Sydney FC(P)x(P)Mt Druitt T.Away
5Sydney Utd.(P)x(P)Blacktown C.ScoreDraw
6Wollongong(P)x(P)Sydney Oly.Home
7Bonnyrigg W.(P)x(P)St George C.Home
8Mounties W.(P)x(P)Hakoah S.Home
9Spirit FC(P)x(P)Northern T.Away
10SD Raiders(P)x(P)Blacktown S.NoScoreDraw
11St George FC(P)x(P)H. BrumbiesHome/Away
12W. Sydney W.(P)x(P)Central CoastHome/Away
13Gold Coast K.(P)x(P)Sunshine C.Away
14Gold Coast U.(P)x(P)Brisbane S.Home
15Lions FC(P)x(P)Olympic FCHome
16Magpies C.(P)x(P)Eastern S.Away
17Moreton Bay(P)x(P)Brisbane C.Home
18Redlands U.(P)x(P)Brisbane R.Away
19Ipswich K.(P)x(P)Western P.ScoreDraw
20Souths U.(P)x(P)Wynnum W.NoScoreDraw
21Sunshine C.(P)x(P)Logan L.Away
22S. Thunder(P)x(P)MitcheltonScoreDraw
23Altona M.(P)x(P)St Albans S.NoScoreDraw
24Heidelberg U.(P)x(P)Avondale FCHome
25S. Melbourne(P)x(P)Bentleigh G.Home
26Goulburn V.(P)x(P)Northcote C.Home
27Kingston C.(P)x(P)N. GeelongScoreDraw
28Manningham(P)x(P)Brunswick C.Away
29Moreland C.(P)x(P)Werribee C.ScoreDraw
30Adelaide C.(P)x(P)Modbury J.Away
31Ad Comets(P)x(P)RaidersHome
32Adelaide U.(P)x(P)Adelaide B.ScoreDraw
33Cumberland(P)x(P)Adelaide O.Home
34Metro Stars(P)x(P)Croydon K.ScoreDraw
35Para Hills(P)x(P)CampbelltownAway
36S. Adelaide(P)x(P)Western S.Away
37Broadmeadow(P)x(P)Newcastle O.Home
39Edgeworth E.(P)x(P)L. MacquarieHome
40Lambton J.(P)x(P)Valentine FCHome
41Weston W.(P)x(P)AdamstownHome
42Glenorch K.(P)x(P)Launceston C.Away
43Kingborough(P)x(P)Devonport C.Away
44Olympia W.(P)x(P)S. HobartHome
45Riverside O.(P)x(P)Clarence Z.ScoreDraw
46Canberra C.(P)x(P)Monaro P.Home
47Canberra O.(P)x(P)Gungahlin U.Home
48Tigers FC(P)x(P)Belconnen U.Home
49Tuggeranong(P)x(P)Woden W.Home


N.S. Draw = No Score Draw

S. Draw = Score Draw

Home = Home Win

Away = Away Win

Home/Away = Awaiting Pools Panel Decision

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