Watch Anambra Prophet Performing Money Ritual For Young Men In A River (Video)
Prophet Onyeze Jesus.

Anambra Prophet has been caught performing money ritual for young men in a river.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that Onyeze Jesus, an Anambra based Prophet, has been captured on camera performing alleged money ritual on some young men in a river suspected to be in Anambra, southeast Nigeria.

The Anambra Prophet, in the video which has now gone viral, was seen spraying money on some men who sat unclad and bathed in the dirty river.

During the alleged money ritual, Prophet Onyeze strongly warned them not to dare look back so their faces won’t be captured by the camera as he prayed for them to be blessed with uncommon wealth.

The Anambra Prophet who recited incantations in Igbo language, that act of spraying money into the river was a way of sacrificing to “Agbara”, the marine spirit inherent in the water.

Prophet Onyeze Jesus said the more money he sprayed into the river as they bathed, the more wealth that will be accrued to them in no distant time.

Watch video of the Anambra Prophet performing the money ritual below…


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