Joe Biden Warns These Nigerians Against Visiting America
Joe Biden and Buhari.

Joe Biden has warned these Nigerians against visiting America.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has told Nigerians and other immigrants finding their way to America not to come.

This online news platform understands that Joe Biden said his administration tries to respond to an increase of unaccompanied children seeking asylum at the borders and might not be able to accommodate immigrants.

“I can say quite clearly: don’t come over,” Biden said in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, aired on March 17.

The American president disclosed that the immediate issue was children needing safety at the border and the administration moved to increase the number of beds available and fast track the process of placing children with U.S.-based sponsors while their legal cases play out.

Biden said his long term plan for the border included creating programs to address the factors driving people from their home countries such as violence, poverty, corruption and the climate crisis, and to allow children to apply for asylum from those countries, instead of at the border.

On January 20, Biden signed some executive orders thereby lifting the immigrant visa ban placed on Nigerians by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Biden also reversed the systemic ban placed on citizens from Muslim dominated countries like Yemen.

Last year February, Trump had placed an immigrant visa ban on Nigeria, citing Nigeria’s lack of a robust database.

The American Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary-Beth Leonard, stated at the time that Nigeria must improve on its data intelligence to ease the citizens investigation wishing to migrate to the US, if it wants the ban suspended.

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