Former President Jonathan Blows Hot, Reveals How Buhari Is Killing Nigeria
Jonathan and President Buhari.

Former President Jonathan has attacked Buhari.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, has attacked President Muhammadu Buhari, over nepotism in appointing individuals into key government positions.

This online news platform understands that former President Jonathan who spoke during a one-day visit to the Emir of Bauchi’s palace, said the such ugly incidents did not occur during his reign.

The former president while reacting to Governor Bala Mohammed’s introductory comments, recalled making Mohammed the FCT minister without knowing him.

“Yes, I did not know him when I met him and made him the FCT Minister,” Jonathan said during his speech.

“In Nigeria, we have this tradition where some people feel that some ministries are big and juicy and must be given to a special person or that you have to know someone before you give him a responsibility role or put him somewhere,” the former president opined.

Former President Jonathan claimed that as a president, he did not do that. “It is not like that with me. It is not my way of doing things”

The former President stressed that Mr Mohammed while serving as the FCT minister, “worked with commitment.”

“I gave him a free hand to run the affairs of the FCT. I’ve come to visit him and to commission a project and a road that was even named after me.”

Earlier, the Bauchi governor, while introducing the former president, said, “I don’t have anything in common with him other than the stake of nationalism and Nigerianness.”

Meanwhile, NewsOne Nigeria reports that Buhari has been accused of nepotism and favoritism in appointment of key persons to key sectors.

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