How Malik Shabazz Abdumalik aka Nimrod Scammed Us - Victims
Malik Shabazz Abdumalik.

Malik Shabazz Abdumalik aka Nimrod is trending at the moment for the wrong reasons.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that Henry Awuzie popularly known as Malik Shabazz Abdumalik, Nimrod or Ghenhiskhan, has been accused of duping many Nigerians with the victims coming out to tell their stories.

This online news platform understands that Malik Shabazz Abdumalik aka Nimrod is known as an activist and also a social media influencer, who according to social media commentator, Adetutu Balogun (Tutsy22), is a serial fraudster whose activities have spanned several years, since University of Nigeria (UNN) days.

Below are accounts of how Malik Shabazz Abdumalik aka Nimrod scammed his victims

Twitter user, Nkechi Ibeh’s account

“How I got scammed of by a person I trusted.
Facebook appearance can be deceptive. It really is. A person’s identity and real nature needs to be well known before trust is vested on them.

In May 2019, I got into a conversation with Malik Shabbazz Abdulmalik ,a known social media activist. We were generally discussing and entered into the topic of unemployment.

I told him of how I was unemployed and was searching for job, He promised to help,
Malik Shabbazz Abdulmalik told me that a lady, Ifeyinwa Ibeh he knew personally would want to sell a job slot of hers at the Nigerian Customs Service for N300,000.

He claimed to have pleaded with the woman for 200k, and that the payment modalities would be 50% before recruitment and 50% paid upon recruitment. I obliged. I paid N150k. ( I have transaction receipts and screenshots of all the chats as evidence).
This is almost 2 years after.

I haven’t seen job or money. I have asked, begged, cajoled, prayed but Malik still held on to the money. I decided to come to the open with it because it is painful, having begged my brother whom I can no longer go to ask for money because of this incident.

Oga said he had a stroke, he traveled, he did one thing or the other. The last conversation ended almost in a quarrel. I have pleaded with those I knew were connected to him but it all fell on deaf ears.

My people, kindly help a sister in pains.
This is his phone number 09098408089.“

Twitter user, Feddes

“I have been wanting to speak about this since. My first encounter with him was to supply dog feed and noodles waste. First deal went smoothly, second deal was around March 2020 for 22k that I am yet to get till date. We did other dog deals that also went smoothly. But Sometime around December 2020. I shared images of some Rottweiler puppies and he asked me to come deliver 2 to NPS of @OfficialPDPNig Mr Kola. I met him the next day and went to Mr Kola’s house to deliver 2 puppies, a male and female Rottweiler puppy for 180k.

Mr Kola gave 100k cash which was short of 2k and said I’ll get the balance the next day but I didn’t. His wife reached out to me to get chicken mince for them which I did and still didn’t get my balance. Since then, I have pleaded with 3 of them via text but all in vain.

Nimrod knows all my struggles but has since been making vague promises.
My most disappointment is that a whole national publicity secretary of @OfficialPDPNig
will refuse to pay me common 80k and ignore my calls and messages.
His wife too won’t pick nor reply me till date.

Twitter lifestyle na cruise. He was acting like he’ll help me with fraudulent @DoctorEmto
but now I’m seeing stories of them belonging to same cult.
#TwitterNG has dealt with me on God. @DoctorEmto 500k @GhenhisKhan 102k all in 1 year.”

Malik Shabazz Abdumalik’s girlfriend Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh

According to twitter user, @AfamDeluxo, “Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh is the lady Henry Awuzie Malik alias Gheniskhan, Nimrod, Malik Shabazz Abdumalik, always use her account to collect money from his naïve victims. She has come out to explain her own side of the story.”

How Malik Shabazz Abdumalik aka Nimrod Scammed Us - Victims
Malik Shabazz Abdumalik.

Nimrod’s close friend, Abdul Mahmud tweeted this

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