TB Joshua Is Not Dead, He Disappeared - Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Video)
Shepherd Bushiri and late TB Joshua.

TB Joshua is not dead, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has said.

Newsone had reported earlier that the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), a church based in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, Prophet TB Joshua is dead.

TB Joshua death: How TB Joshua died

Newsone Nigeria reports that Prophet TB Joshua, who is the founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), died in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, on Saturday evening, June 5, 2021, shortly after finishing a programme in church.

TB Joshua died at age 57. Newsone gathered that TB Joshua gave up the ghost on the way to a hospital.

Prophet Bushiri continued that: “The men of God and the women of God who are there, will continue”, noting that he (TB Joshua) has not gone with everything, trust me, he has raised people who will take over and God will use them mightily.”

Newsone Nigeria reports that the Malawian Prophet stressed that “Great prophets are not rare, Prophets always appear and they live that way and disappear. When a prophet is in your land, make use of him at that time because prophets disappear.”

Speaking further in a video on YouTube, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri said: “It will be great foolishness for some people to say oh he was a gret man of God but they never got any impact when he was alive, but that is live, people sometimes recognize you when you’re gone and that’s the time when they bring flowers but they never brought it when you were alive and such its unfortunate for some people who never got an impact from Prophet TB Joshua when he was alive.”

Watch Prophet Shepherd Bushiri talking about late TB Joshua

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