2021 JAMB UTME Result: How To Check 2021 JAMB Result - Step By Step Guide

2021 JAMB UTME Result, how to check 2021 JAMB result step by step guide can be accessed below.

Newsone Nigeria reports that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board  (JAMB) says the result of the 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) has been released.

This online news platform understands that Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, JAMB Registrar, disclosed this yesterday during a news conference in Enugu.

The JAMB Registrar said he had no reason whatsoever to withhold the results of the UTME.

“The result ought to be out by now, but because I am not at the headquarters and I do not want to approve it while on the field. But as soon as I get to Abuja today (yesterday) all the examinations up to the one being taken today will be approved and released because we have no reason to continue to hold on to it,” he said.

Oloyede said his team was at the Southeast to access what was going on with the conduct of the examinations as well as to visit new University in Ebonyi.

The JAMB Registrar noted that JAMB registered 1,415,501 candidates in the UTME 2021 and 1,122, 095 had taken the examinations so far while 66,111 had yet to take.

Oloyede said the board has some 650 examination centres across the country, out of which, 30 centres have been delisted for performing below standard.

“fifty-three centres are currently under watch while 600 of them performed excellently. It is our wish and desire that the board will continue to ensure that such non performing centres with ulterior motive will not be allowed to participate in the exercise.”

2021 JAMB result for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is not out.

Meanwhile,  Check More Update on Jamb Result 2021 and  Steps on How Candidates can Check Their Result and Print Original Result Slip.

When Is Jamb Result Going To Be Out?

For all those who have been anxious to get their hands on the Jamb Result 2021 and have been questioning when is Jamb results coming out. The Jamb Result 2021 has been released for the students who wish to examine their Jamb result.

There are a number of ways to check Jamb result 2021. The officials have arranged the Jamb online result checker at the www.jamb.gov.ng portal wherein the students can check the Jamb Result 2021 but there are also other ways like how to check Jamb result through SMS.

Is Jamb 2021 Result Out?

Yes, the answer to has Jamb result come out, is yes according to the reports the official Jamb website, the Jamb Result 2021 has been released by the official website and the Jamb result portal has been opened for students at the www.jamb.gov.ng portal

Is Jamb Portal Open For Checking Result?

Yes as stated earlier the Jamb Result 2021 can be checked via the Jamb result portal at the www.jamb.gov.ng portal where the students who had appeared for the Jamb mock exam 2021 can check Jamb result 2021.

Given below is the link for the www.jamb.gov.ng portal.

Jamb Result Portal – Click Here

How To Check Jamb Result 2021 At jamb.gov.ng?

  • Visit the Jamb Result Portal
  • Here you will be asked for the registration number that you would have received during registration or the Email Id that you had provided at the time of registration
  • When enter the required details you will get the Jamb result 2021 for the mock exam

How To Check Jamb Result Via SMS?

Jamb result 2021 can be checked in a number of ways not just through the Jamb online result checker at www jamb org ng result. SMS is another way to check the Jamb result 2021. Given below is the process for How To Check Jamb Result Through SMS.

  • Open Your Messaging app
  • You will have to send the message to 55019
  • Now type RESULT
  • Click Send.
  • Make sure that you use the number registered with the Jamb. Using any other number would not get you the result.

How To Check Jamb Result Through Email?

You can also check Jamb Result  via Email as the Jamb officials usually send the Jamb result 2021 to the email registered with the Jamb officials. Make sure that you often check your email to find out if the Jamb result 2021 has been sent to your mail ID.

Jamb Result 2021 – FAQs

1. Is the Jamb Result 2021 for mock exam been released?

Yes, the Jamb Result 2021 for mock exam has been released

2. Where can I get the Jamb Result 2021?

You can get the Jamb Result 2021 for Mock exam at the Jamb result portal

3. What do i ghave to given when checking for Jamb result 2021?

You will have to give your registration number or email ID when checking Jamb result

4. Will my Jamb result 2021 be sent to my Email?

Generally the Jamb result 2021 will be sent to the mail you have registered with the Jamb officials

5. What is JAMB?

JAMB is Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, a Nigerian based education board

6. What is exam conducted by JAMB called?

Exam conducted by JAMB is called Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination

How to check JAMB result – 2021 UTME results

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