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Ghanaian Tupac Ahuofe is Dead – Cause of TikToker Ahuofe Death



Ghanaian Tupac Ahuofe is Dead - Cause of TikToker Ahuofe Death

Ghanaian Tupac Ahuofe is dead – the cause of TikToker Ahuofe death can be accessed below.

Newsone reports that Ghanaian TikTok sensation, Ahuofe Abrantie, popularly known as Tupac is dead.

This online news platform understands that Ghanaian Tupac Ahuofe died in his Kumasi apartment on Thursday, March 30, 2023, after doing a 16-hour live video.

Yen News reported that the details of his death are not known but the news of Ghanaian Tupac Ahuofe death has hit social media.

Confirming his death, popular Kumasi-rapper, Jay Bhad of Asakaa Boys fame shared a video of Ahuofe, with a cryptic caption reading, “Life too short, rest well Ahuofe, you gone (sic) be miss 4ever.”

Yen also confirmed the death of the TikTok sensation with his video and a caption that read, “Popular Ghanaian TikToker, Ahuofe reportedly dead.”

Ahuofe cause of death: How did Ahuofe die?

Many are searching for Ahuofe cause of death at the moment. According to reports, Ghanaian Tupac Ahuofe died after getting cardiac arrest. This report could be false hence we are digging deep for more evidence.Ahuofe burst onto the stage as a TikToker some months ago and got many loving him. According to accounts, the Tiktoker died after a long battle with an unknown illness.

Ahoufe’s looks and comic nature in some of the videos he posts on social media helped him go viral. Not only that, but his image became one of the most popular stickers on some social media platforms in the nation, demonstrating his popularity.

Meanwhile, Newsone Nigeria reports that the late Ahuofe always dressed like a ‘gangster’ and amassed an impressive 3.9 million followers and over 39.8 million viewers on his TikTok’s 217 videos. His videos mimic the personality of the late American rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur.