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Unified tertiary matriculation examination result: Login result



BREAKING: JAMB Result Day Three Is Out: Check JAMB Result 2023 Online Here

Unified tertiary matriculation examination result, Login result.

Yes, it’s official, JAMB Result is out. : BREAKING: Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination Result Is Out, See Breakdown

Newsone reports that Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), is currently conducting the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), an entrance examination board for higher institutions in Nigeria, West Africa.

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Unified tertiary matriculation examination result, Login result.

This is to inform the general public that the JAMB 2022 result is officially out on For those who wrote the CBT Exams, this article will show you how to check your UTME Result.

So many 2023 Jambites do not know the portal for checking JAMB Result. You may have also noticed that is not opening. That is because the current website to check UTME result is

2023 JAMB Main Result Checker, Check JAMB Result 2023 free, check my result here:

Newsone Nigeria reports that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released the process for checking the 2023 UTME Results.

Any candidate who wishes to check his/her results needs to do so using the same phone number that was used for registration and his/her result would be returned as a Text Message.

NB: 2023 UTME Results of candidates who wrote their examinations will be released within 48 – 72 hours and will be in batches.

The following procedures are outlined for candidates to check and confirm their 2023 UTME Results via Text Message and Online.

How to Check 2023 UTME Main Results Online & Via Text Message Using Your Registered Phone Number

  • Using Your Registered Mobile Number
  • Go to Your Message and Type “UTMERESULT
  • Send the Message to “55019
  • Wait for 10 – 30 Minutes
  • Your 2023 UTME Score will be delivered to Your Phone via Text Message.

NOTE: SMS cost N50 charge, Do not resend the message if 30 minutes is not elapsed.


2023 JAMB Main Result Checker: Check My Result on JAMB Result Checker 2023

  •  STEP 1: Go to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) eFacility portal via and log in with your credentials.
  •  STEP 2: Locate and click on the Print Result Slip tab under the list of services.
  •  STEP 3: Select your payment option and continue with the payment.
  •  STEP 4: After a successful payment, you can check/print your result slip by selecting your exam year and entering your JAMB Registration Number in the required columns.
  •  STEP 5: Select Exam Year and Supply registration number to print JAMB result

NB: If the portal returns with ‘Your Result is Not yet Released’, or You Did Not Sit for this Exam that implies your result is not yet ready. So you have to check back later.

JAMB 2023 Result, how to check JAMB result with your registration number:

Step 1:  Visit the JAMB result checking portal

To check your JAMB result, you will need to first visit the official JAMB result checking portal. The portal is accessible on any device with an internet connection, such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. To access the portal, go to, log-in, and click on the “Check UTME Results” link.

Step 2: Enter your JAMB Registration Number

To check your JAMB result, you need to enter your JAMB registration number.

On the JAMB result checking portal, you will see a blank field that asks for your JAMB registration number. Enter your registration number in the space provided. Be sure to double-check your registration number before submitting it to ensure that it is correct.

Step 3: Check your result

Once you have entered your JAMB registration number, click on the “Check Result” button. The portal will then process your result and display it on the screen.

Step 4: Review your JAMB result

Your result will show your total score, as well as your scores in each of the four subjects that you were tested on e.g Use of English Language(Mandatory), and any other three depending on your course of choice combination requirements. For a mass communication student for instance, it could be Literature, Government, and CRS.

Step 5: print out a copy of your results

Once you’re able to check your JAMB result using your Register number and you’ve reviewed the score, you can print out a copy of your result slip for future reference.

To do this, click on the “Print Result Slip” button on the portal and pay for it. You will then be prompted to enter your JAMB registration number again. After entering your registration number, click on the “Print Result Slip” button again. Your result slip will then be displayed on the screen, and you can print it out by clicking on the “Print” button.

Final thoughts on how to check JAMB result with registration number

In conclusion, like checking your WAEC result using your phone, it’s very straightforward to check your JAMB result using the registration number.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly and easily check your JAMB result and print out a copy of your result slip for future reference.

All You Need to Know Before Checking or After Checking Your 2023 UTME Results via Text Message

1. Those who were absent, got their registration cancelled, or have their results withheld will get a response via text message.

2. Candidate who uses a phone number that was not used to register, will get this message: “This phone number was not used for registration.”

3. A candidate with a result will receive the message: “Dear Mr/Miss X, your result is as follows… (and the details will be provided)”.

4. A candidate whose result was withheld for examination malpractice or whatsoever will receive the “Result Withheld” status.

5. Candidate who belongs to the category being given the benefit of the doubt, the message to the person will be: “Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/document required from you.”

6. If a candidate was absent, s/he would get “CANDIDATE ABSENT” as feedback.

7. A candidate that was ABSENT WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER also CANCELLED will be informed too.

8. Candidates who gained unauthorized access to the examination hall will get the “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall” status via text message.

Good luck to all 2023 JAMB candidates!!!

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