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Guinea-Bissau Candidate Swears Himself In As New President



Guinea-Bissau Candidate Swears Himself In As New President

Guinea-Bissau candidate, Umaro Sissoco Embalo swore himself in as the new president of Guinea-Bissau on Thursday, February 27.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that the Guinea-Bissau candidate Embalo said in a brief statement: “I swear on my honour to defend the constitution, to respect it and have it respected.”

With his right hand raised, before a crowd of several hundred at an upscale hotel in the West African state’s capital, Bissau, the newly elected President inaugurated himself.

Outgoing President Jose Mario Vaz then placed the presidential sash over his shoulders, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

The ceremony took place despite a continuing legal and political battle over the official results.

The party of defeated candidate Domingos Simoes Pereira has filed a lawsuit at the Supreme Court.

Guinea-Bissau Candidate

Embalo, a 47-year-old former general and prime minister won 53.55 per cent of the votes in the December 29 runoff, according to the National Electoral Commission.

Pereira, 56, from the traditional ruling party, the PAIGC, won 46.45 per cent but has denounced the result as fraudulent.

The Supreme Court, responding to the PAIGC’s petition, has issued rulings requiring a check of the vote tally sheets.

However, this has failed to resolve the dispute, and a row has arisen between the Supreme Court and the election panel.

On Tuesday, the election commission confirmed the results that it had announced, while the PAIGC stood by its objections.

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