A Northern Governor Is The Commander Of Boko Haram Says Obadiah
Boko Haram Leader Shekau.

A Northern Governor is the Commander of Boko Haram, Obadiah has said.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that Obadiah Mailafiya, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has accused a governor in the northern region of Nigeria of been the commander of Boko Haram.

The former Deputy Governor of the CBN while reacting to the insecurity issues affecting South Kaduna stated this during an interview on Radio station, Nigerian Info.

Obadiah noted that the information was revealed by the former high commanders of the group who have repented. When asked if the government was unwilling or unable to protect the people of Kaduna, Mailafiya said;

Watch Boko Haram attacking a Northern Governor

“In fact, it is not only unable, but it is also unwilling and we have good reason to feel that they are part and parcel of the killers let me make some revelations to you”

“How will a government just say it is revenge killings and so on, then you leave it there because it is revenge killings and so on. The body language of this administration, the body language of the state government shows clearly that they have a hand in the killings, no doubt about it.”

“Let me make some revelations because some of us also have our own intelligence networks, have met with some of the bandits, we have met with some of their high commanders, one or two who have repented, they have sat down with us, not once, not twice. They told us one of the Northern governors is the Commander of Boko Haram in Nigeria”.

“Boko Haram and the bandits are one and the same thing. They have a sophisticated network. During the lockdown, their planes were moving up and down as if there was no lockdown.”

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