How To Treat Dark Knuckles Using Home-made Products

Clearing dark knuckles have been made easy with these home-made products.

Having a glowing and clear skin is the dream of many people. Humans can go the extra miles to ensure that they get what they want. What about the people who can not afford such luxurious life to get on their skin journey. Imagine you wake up one morning and you noticed your knuckles are getting dark, or it getting darker (for people with dark knuckles already) I know you will feel very bad.

I have come across many people in events who cover their fingers because it was looking very dark and unpleasant to the eyes. We need to know that dark knuckles don’t just come like that. It comes from using creams that react on the skin comma.

But nevertheless dark knuckles has a very cheap home remedy cure for it, what we need is baking powder and your lemon.

Both baking powder and lemon have proven to be very effective in lightening the skin but only if you do it appropriately.

How to use

Mix the baking powder and lemon juice. If you are using the fruit lemon, squeeze it out and sieve the seeds. Pour it into the baking powder and mix till it turns into a paste.

Apply on your knuckles and leave it for about 15-20 mins, then rinse off and apply any moisturizer you have at home. You can store the rest at home.

Do this every morning and night for effective results. You would be seeing the changes very soon. It is as easy as that, cost friendly and reliable.

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