FG Grant : NYIF Allocates 250-500 Thousand Grants For These Nigerians

NYIF has allocated 250-500 thousand grants for these Nigerians.

NewsOne Nigeria reports that the grant for Nigerians between the ages of 18-35, and the loan is for anyone who is eligible, but you will be credited, registering by visiting the NYIF website after you qualify for credit in less than 3 weeks.

The NYIF loan which you can apply for free, was made by the Nigerian federal government, the loan was given to alleviate the suffering of Nigeria and help those affected by the coronavirus epidemic, which is based on almost all economic activity Is for several months.

NYIF has started giving money to deserving individuals, you can get two million as naira, the money has been used to use it for you and revive a dying business because you definitely You will repay the loan taken from the government.

It is advisable to use the money for that purpose if you are lucky enough to get the credit so that it is not so difficult for you to return the money at the time of the refund.

The Youth Foundation Program provides online training for invited applicants

All applicants who have conducted virtual online training continuously, should be prepared, as the funds are paid in batches.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has set up a helpdesk for complaints and inquiries about the ongoing registration of the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund program.

The ministry provided an e-mail. Postal and telephone numbers will help resolve the issues faced by applicants for N75B Youth Grants.

To apply for NYIF loan grants, click here.

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