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10 Profitable Business Ideas to Earn 3K Daily in Nigeria in 2023



15 Profitable Business Ideas to Earn 3K Daily in Nigeria Today

10 Profitable Business Ideas to Earn 3K Daily in Nigeria in 2023 can be accessed below.

Exploring Various Small Business Opportunities in Nigeria? This article will discuss 10 different business ideas that can help you earn at least N3000 daily in Nigeria. These ventures range from less capital-intensive to more substantial investments.

Before you commit to any of these ideas, ensure it is something you genuinely want to pursue.

Business Ideas to Earn 3K Daily in Nigeria in 2023

1. Perfume Oil Business

Setting up a perfume oil business in Nigeria can be lucrative, especially since it doesn’t require a significant initial investment. You can use social media and online marketplaces to reach a wider audience without needing a physical store.

2. Phone Repair Business

A phone repair business can generate N3,000 to N10,000 daily if you are skilled in repairing mobile phones. Choose a busy location and offer a range of repair services.

3. Freelancing

Offering freelance services in various fields such as writing, programming, or graphic design can help you earn N3000 daily. Build a compelling portfolio and use freelance platforms to find clients.

4. POS Business

Running a POS business is another way to make N3000 daily. To maximize your earnings, establish your shop in a high-traffic location and offer additional services, such as utility bill payments.

5. Ride-Hailing Business

If you have a well-maintained car and live in an area where ride-hailing services are popular, registering with platforms like Bolt or Uber can help you earn above N3000 daily.

6. Dry Cleaning Business

A dry cleaning business can generate at least N3000 daily if you can provide quality cleaning and ironing services. To succeed, choose a strategic location, understand peak operating hours, and offer a wide range of services.

7. Food Business

A food business can be lucrative if you offer delicious meals in a good location. Encourage word-of-mouth marketing to help your business thrive.

8. Barbing Salon Business

A barbing salon business can be highly competitive but still lucrative, allowing you to earn N3000 daily. Acquire necessary barbing skills, invest in basic equipment, and choose a strategic location.

9. Car Wash Business

A car wash business can bring in N3000 daily if you set up near a busy street or popular filling station. This venture requires a more substantial initial investment but can be profitable.

10. Makeup Business

As a makeup artist, you can earn more than N3000 daily by setting up shop in an area frequented by young women. Offer quality services and build a strong reputation to attract customers.


By exploring these 10 business ideas, you can find the perfect opportunity to earn at least N3000 daily in Nigeria. Make sure to do thorough research and consider your passions and skills before diving into any of these ventures.