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AKMODEL GROUPS MD Graces Pan African International Event In Ghana



AKMODEL GROUPS MD Graces Pan African International Event In Ghana

AKMODEL GROUPS MD graced Pan African International Event in Ghana.

Newsone reports that the Managing Director of AKMODEL GROUPS, Builder (Dr.) Abdulhakeem Odegade was at the 2023 6th International Real Estate Conference And Housing Show in Ghana.

At the event which was a gathering of like-minds in the real estate sector and other sectors, as one of the most respected real estate entrepreneurs around, he was one of the speakers, who spoke on the event theme: *Building The Economy Of Nations Through Real Estate Investment: The Future Of Real Estate In Africa*.

He started by saying that: “The reason why the Real Estate sector should not be taken for granted is according to an adage that goes thus: *The best investment on earth is the earth itself*. This is because you cannot escape from it, everything in this world comes from the earth e.g. food, clothing, shelter, etc name it.”

So on that premise, Bldr. Odegade continued with an introduction of self and company, explaining how the journey began in the year 2006 with establishing “AKMODEL Builder Construction“. Due to clients in the diaspora’s request, and also tailored after the scripture narrative that God watered the garden of Eden with four (4) rivers, The “AKMODEL Homes and Properties” was also established in 2015.

He, therefore, advised that: “I want every one of us to take that home, most especially in Africa, where no one can survive with only one source of income. This is a parable to us, that as a salary earner, try and get another source of income to compliment and meet the needs at hand.”

The business continued until the gap for feeding people opened up, so they moved into *AKMODEL Agriculture* too.

He explained: “Here is a land that one can acquire and do your farming by yourself, or one can farm, then the farm produce will be shared and sold to an already available market.

Marketing of farm produce is always a major challenge for farmers but it has been sorted out by AKMODEL company. There are business people that buy directly from farmers from around the farm village, and the farmland is about 300 acres both in Lagos and Ogun States.”

Bldr. (Dr.) Odegade also spoke about people not thinking outside the box, being contended with the little that they have and consuming them, rather than thinking about how best to invest it so it can keep yielding.

He said: “In AKMODEL GROUPS, we think for our clients, we make them realise that an investor can be sleeping and be making more money, which can only be possible when you invest, most importantly in properties.

When you invest in a property e.g. Landed Properties, Sales Apartments, or buying outrightly, we do encourage and advice them, not only to sell to or build for our clients, we advise them to invest their money rather than leaving excess money in the bank.”

“There is a difference between business and investment. In business, you are the one working for the money to have profit, but when you invest, it is your money that will be working for you.”

The event being a one-day annual gathering, provided a platform for interactions and networking of top real estate players in Africa.

Builder (Dr.) Abdulhakeem Odegade was honoured with the award of “Africa’s Most Promising Real Estate Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2023“.

Meanwhile, Newsone Nigeria reports that other speakers and guests at the event include Bldr. (Dr.) Abdulhakeem Odegade did not go alone, he was accompanied by Akmodel’s company Brand Ambassador, Mr. Paul Obazele, the Media Consultant, Mrs. Favour Benson, General Manager, Loveth Chinecherem, and Akmodel Ghana partners.

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