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UFC Fighter Hasbulla Arrested in Russia [Video]



BREAKING: UFC Fighter Hasbulla Arrested in Russia [Video]

UFC Fighter Hasbulla Arrested in Russia, several reports have said.

Newsone reports that TIKTOK star and UFC fighter Hasbulla Magomedov has reportedly been “arrested” after he and his pals were “detained by cops for driving offences”.

This online news platform understands that the 20-year-old Hasbulla from Dagestan in Russia is said to have been arrested after he and a group of friends drove into the street and interfered with other drivers while celebrating a friend’s wedding.

A report monitored on Red Corner MMA by Newsone Nigeria says the group was taken into custody and charged with administrative violations.

A video posted to social media by Dagestan’s internal affairs ministry shows a group of motors, including one carrying Hasbulla, blocking traffic and doing doughnuts on a main road.

BREAKING: UFC Fighter Hasbulla Arrested in Russia [Video]

Hasbulla with friends

One of the cars is later seen with a huge crash scar, before the video cuts to a line-up of men including Hasbulla.

Now Hasbulla’s official Twitter account has posted: “#FreeBulla”.

Watch Footage of Hasbulla and his entourage celebrating on the roads of Dagestan in Russia below…