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Npower 2 Months 60k Stipends Payment News



Finally, NASIMS Commences NPower July Stipend Payment

Npower 2 months 60k stipends payment news can be accessed below.

Newsone reports that there is news circulating by some individuals on social media stating that Npower has begun 2 Month 60k Stipends payment out of the 3 months October, November, and December allowance owed to Npower beneficiaries.

This online news platform understands that the rumors begin circulating earlier in the week by some few persons, a rumour that was taken by some Npower beneficiaries as a great relief because they thought they will be paid to celebrate Christmas, but the Npower stipends payment never occurred despite Npower stipends payment news trending.

Newsone Nigeria reports that Npower has not confirmed these rumors and as such, Npower beneficiaries should always check their self-service portal for changes and also stay tuned to Npower and Nasims’ official page for genuine updates.

Apart from the Npower stipends payment news trending, Newsone reports that the rumor that is also circulating is that Npower October stipend, Npower November stipend, and Npower December stipends were not captured in the 2021 budget has not been confirmed. So disregard unconfirmed rumors.

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