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Opinion: Time To Pay More Attention To Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies



Again, Primate Ayodele Issues Strong Warnings

As old as the prophetic ministry is, it has been proven to be one of the most important part of the gospel through some of the things that has happened in the past, present and things that will happen in the future.

The custodians of this ever relevant ministry are called Prophets, and in the olden days, they were seen as God’s mouthpiece because that is what they really are, God never does a thing without first consulting them, God won’t speak to anyone except them, so they were highly revered and treated with utmost respect.

In our world today, It’s unfortunate that most people, especially the government don’t respect these men anymore, they don’t take their words serious, government have become like the Israelites who failed to listen to God’s word and end up perishing.

Although, it won’t be fair if we fail to note that some who were not called, parading themselves as Prophets of God have brought disrespect to the ministry, but it still doesn’t justify that all Prophets should be written off. God knew this would happen and that is why in his word, He established it that a true prophet is known when he says and it comes to pass exactly how he said it. This is one of the simplest ways to know a true prophet, a true prophet won’t call you and ask you to pay money, He won’t say a thing that God doesn’t say to you, rather, He will give you the details of God’s word to you, then give you a solution, if God showed him.

Now, the question is, Do we have a true prophet in our world today? Yes, We Do.

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Over the years, one of the most popular prophetic voices in Africa is that of Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church. Although Primate Ayodele is a Lagos-based prophet, but his prophecies have gone beyond Nigeria, it has touched the global world, leaders, multi-national companies, to mention a few.

As said earlier, a true prophet is known when he says, and it comes to pass as he said it, also, a True prophet isn’t one that fluctuates, A prophet is consistent in everything He does, and except the spirit of the lord leaves a prophet, He will continue to stay relevant as long as he lives, just like the Prophets of old were.

Primate Ayodele has been into the prophetic ministry since he was little, but came into limelight in the early 90s, that’s over 30 years now. Ever since he came into ministry, His prophecies have always aimed at guiding, warning, providing solution, and sharing the gospel of Christ.

As at today, Primate Ayodele has had over 10,000 Prophecies that have come to pass, and these are not just ordinary prophecies, they are prophecies people never thought would happen.

Some of these prophecies include the raving Covid-19 virus that has almost crippled the economy of the world. Primate Ayodele categorically said during the release of his 2020 prophecies that he foresees a global disease coming into the world, few months after he said it, the virus came in and was named Covid-19, up till now, so many are yet to recover from it.

While the virus was thriving in 2020, Primate Ayodele still stated that this virus will kill the influential and rich people more. Just weeks after he said this, the chief of staff to the President, Abba Kyari Died, some APC Chieftain in the House of assembly and national assembly died, some PDP Chieftain died, some important personalities also died, the records of these prophecies are on the internet.

Also, He spoke about the loss of PDP in the last presidential election that happened in 2019. Primate Ayodele said long before the primaries held that the only way PDP can have a headway in the election is if Bukola Saraki was given the ticket. Unfortunately, The ticket was given to Abubakar Atiku, and the party lost.

When President Buhari won, Primate Ayodele said his second term will not be palatable to Nigerians, and specifically said that Kidnappings will take a new dimension as a result of Insecurity. This is the second year of President Buhari’s second term and the country is also calling for his resignation because of the insecurity and kidnappings being experienced on a daily by Nigerians. He also said the Price of Dollar and Petrol will increase.

In USA, Primate Ayodele went popular after He said Donald Trump was going to survive his first impeachment move but will not come back for second term even when some pastors said Donald Trump will come back. People thought this man of God didn’t know what He was saying till Donald Trump survived the impeachment move, and lost his second term ambition to Joe Biden. Many in the United states today refer to Primate Ayodele as Joe Biden’s godfather because He won by the counsel of Primate Ayodele.

Primate Ayodele had in 2019 told the Democratic party to choose Joe Biden as their candidate, after that happened, He told Joe Biden who to choose as his running mate, after that, He told him the states to focus on, and all these were exactly what Joe Biden did to win the election, the records are on the internet.

Also, for Ghana election, Primate Ayodele warned John Mahama to focus on some areas if he wants to win the election against the incumbent governor, He proceeded to say if Nana Akufo Addo wins the election, the supreme court will not be able to sack him, taking a good look of what has played out in Ghana, one would be convinced that truly, these are the words of the man of God coming alive.

However, the latest of his fulfilled prophecies is that of the death of Tanzania President, John Magufuli, who died after suffering a heart attack on 17th Of March, 2021. The fulfilment of this prophecy remains shocking because just few weeks ago, Ivory Coast Prime Minister also died. These are prophecies the man of God gave in his 2021 Prophecies which was released on 22nd Of December, 2020. He said Africa needs to pray against the death of serving Prime minister and President, unfortunately, it came to pass this way.

People might be wondering about why most of these prophecies are negative, and about the death of important personalities. What people need to know is Prophecies mostly come in form of warnings, even in the bible, some prophecies of Elijah, Elisha, are warnings to people involved. Primate Ayodele, just like the Prophet of old will never give a warning without a solution. He warns some people about their death and what they need to do to avert it, but some don’t listen and they end up perishing.

Just few weeks ago, there was uproar on the social media scene after Primate Ayodele gave a warning that a businessman, Kessington Adebutu should pray for his health because he sees it failing. Some opined that Primate Ayodele should have called him to tell him personally instead of coming to the public space. There is nothing wrong in him calling him, but the question is How will this person involve see it? Won’t he see him as a prophet who wants money? Will he be respected as a man of God? Either he calls him or not, the fact remains He has told him and its left to him to heed or not.

Furthermore, One interesting thing about Primate Ayodele is that He keeps record of his prophecies in the hands of people. Since 1994, He has been publishing a book titled Warning to the nations, and every year, He prints thousand of copies to give people, so they can be reading along, as they come to Pass. This is the height of confidence in one’s ministry, and ever since he started publishing them, there has never been a time he gets called out for his prophecy not getting fulfilled.

Finally, In a world where true Prophets are rare, Primate Ayodele has proven to be one of the truest Prophet with the accuracy and fulfilment of his words, indeed, Africa is blessed to have him, and now is the time to pay more attention to the words he says, because they have been proven to be direct from God.

 Osho Oluwatosin writes from Lagos.